Kristi Maxx and Jalisa Elite at it AGAIN!

I should post on here more often. I know I suck at the blog thing but good news! Jalisa Elite and I will be linking up again June 23-27! You know what that means?!?!

Camming, skype, custom videos, and tons of big boobie action!

You can order your very own custom ft the two of us or book a skype show! We will also be camming on and Don’t have an account? Sign up for free at either of those links.

kristi 7

If you are a member of our sites, then you will be able to see our shows for FREE! (Shows on my account will be available for members and shows on Jalisa’s account will be available for members.

jalisa 7

Regardless, you definitely do not want to miss out!

Book a skype show or order a custom ASAP! Contact me at


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2015 in a Nutshell!

Seems that every year I talk about how last year was my most successful year. Well I can definitely say that again about 2015.

happy new years 2015-41
I completed my BIGGEST goal by FINALLY graduating college and getting my Bachelor’s!!!! It has been a long time coming but I did it. I graduated HS in 2008 so as far as a traditional path, I should have graduated in 2012 right? Well I was actually on the path to graduate in 2011!! BUT things happen, things change. I started in the adult biz in 2011 and everything blew up for me in a good way thus rethinking what I really want to pursue. Did I wake up and say I wanted to be successful in adult entertainment? No!! At the time, I had a more conventional mindset and wanted to follow a conventional career. Well I learned that conventional is not the end all be all. So what I wanted to continue my career in an unconventional field. With what I have learned over the years of being in this business is that there can be long term success and I genuinely love everything about this biz. With that being said, I took a long break from school (for other reasons than adult but it allowed me to focus more on adult ent) then finally graduated in December of 2015. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED as far as school is concerned.

Another thing I accomplished was my network, Maxx Model Network. I had been working on my webmaster gig for A LONG time now and it is finally paying off and growing each and everyday. I love life in front and behind the camera as well. I like to call myself an all-around adult entertainer with camming, making content, and now being a webmaster!

My business is growing everyday and it feels amazing to have accomplished so much in so little time and I am no where near done yet!

Here’s to an amazing 2016 filled with much more hot content and anything else amazing ha :p

happy new years 2015-54

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas. Tis the season to be jolly!!

I have been running a special for my website for the entire month of December as my gift to you. Treat yourself and take advantage plus your dick will thank you later. 😉

You can join for only $19.99! Normally $29.99. This deal lasts til Dec 31, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST.

It is the season of giving and I wanted to give you something that you dick will love 😉

Give yourself the gift of cumming over and over at

Ho, ho, ho!!! <3

-Kristi M.

Tis The Season-57

Tis The Season-24

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Busty Babes ft. Jalisa Elite

My busty girl friend Jalisa Elite and will be reuniting Nov 12-16! SO SOON! I definitely cannot wait!

You all know the drill. Custom videos and skype shows of course, girl/girl (obviously) and fetish. You can email

We will also be doing privates, exclusive, and gold shows on (my account) and on (her account). Members of will have access to all GOLD shows at no extra charge when on my account. Same applies to members of when on her account! 🙂

Can’t make it to our live shows? Or we always end up camming when you aren’t in a position to get off? :p You can always set up a skype show!

Nov 12-16!!!!!!

I will be snapping as well during her stay (plus I snap all the time anyways) You can purchase my snapchat at My Official Store



kristi 1

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Boobilicious Ebony Beauties!

The boobilicious Maserati and I are FINALLY linking up! We have met a few times and I have obviosuly gotten my hands on her amazing boobs, cause I’m a perv like that, BUT the time has come for us to finally work together!!!

Long, long LONG overdue!!!

Maserati will be in town from Oct 29 – Nov 2! We will be camming on which will be free for members of It is FREE to sign up at! We will also cam on her cam account as well! Also free to sign up! Get your accounts and wallets ready for all this boobage!!

We will also be accepting custom videos and skype shows. Please email me at for details and payments.You do not want to miss the opportunity to see us both in action for the first time together!


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Finally Have Snapchat

(*This was originally posted months ago. I had to repost due to losing a lot of blog posts with some techy issues. 🙁 I have been using snapchat for months now.*)

So I gave in and got snapchat! I thought I’d never get into it but I love it. Want my snapchat? Purchase it from my Store.

I only have a few rules:

NO SCREENSHOTS! If you do screenshot, you will be blocked, no exceptions.
No unsolicited dick pics. Am I against dick pics? ONLY when they are sent without me wanting it. Trust me, I have asked to see. My curiosity will peak. 😉 And I have had the pleasure of viewing a few especially when they say I caused it, hehe. But unsolicited? No thanks.

Let’s keep it fun! 🙂

Visit my official store to purchase!


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My Fetish Con 2015 Experience!

Well, more so my experience in St. Pete Beach! lol

I had a blast at Fetish Con!! Busy and fun. Jae and I decided to drive to St. Pete Beach as opposed to flying. 12 hours! I am NEVER doing that again. Well, never say never but I will try my hardest to not do that again. That is TOOOOOO LONG of a drive. Mainly because I had so much equipment to bring with me that I did not want to put it all on a plane. We literally brought EVERYTHING! Cameras, lighting, my cam clothes, regular clothes, and even a suitcase for just shoes! I don’t wear heels ever but they look good for shoots and stuff ha. I do admit, I do not pack light wherever I go lol. Plus we were there for a full week!

We were initially going to stay in a hotel then realized since we were going for a full week, we’d rather rent a condo. Plus it came out to be cheaper and it was an upgrade!!! It was cute 2 bedroom, 2 bath spot. I loved it and do intend on coming back or going back through the company we booked through!






Where shall I start! Well for the first few days, we were BUSY BUSY BUSY! We shot content a good 95% of the time Fri-Sunday. We wanted to make sure to leave the last few days of the trip to ourselves to relax and enjoy vacation from home.

I got to meet some lovely ladies as well shoot with others again! I love meeting new people and I love shooting content for you all.


Continue reading

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Blog Issues

So my blog took a huge dump. I had issues with the latest update and had to revert back to an older version. I like this simple theme I use and do not intend on using a different any time soon. With that being said, all of my 2015 posts are gone lol. Maybe I can have them restored but whatever. I don’t really care. Well I do, but I’m too pissed to care. So I am just going to keep on blogging and fill up my blog some more!!

My fetish con post will go out tomorrow!! It is all ready but my blog crapped today 🙂


mad face

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! For today only, you can join for only 15.99! Normally 24.99 for the first 30 days.

My site is updated DAILY Mon-Fri!
-Members’ Shows EVERY Monday at 5pmCST
-Featured Updates Every Tuesday (mini updates Mon-Fri(
-Access to ALL of my Gold Shows on Streamate
-Access to ALL of the VNA ladies’s members’ shows (over 60 women)
-Private Blog (which includes video blogs)

Already 100s of videos and 1000s of Photos!

There is always something going 🙂

Take advantage of this deal! 🙂
(Members who keep recurring membership for 3+ months, gets EXTRA goodies from me)


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Lifetime Membership

From now til Dec. 31, I am offering lifetime memberships PLUS one custom video per month for a year.
Considering on average people choose the 10 minute custom option, customs start at $10/min, which is $120/custom. For 12 customs, that is $1440! The cost of my site is 24.99 then 19.99/month recurring.

I am offering lifetime membership PLUS one custom video/month for a year for only $500!

At first I was only going to offer this for one fan. Only because I wanted to get tickets to a PPV WWE event. Everyone who knows me knows I am a big WWE fan 😉 But I figured why not make it a “thing” ha!

I never off things like this but why not end 2014 with a bang! 🙂

Go to to purchase a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!


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