Reyna Mae Returns!

Yay! WOOHOO! Get excited guys! There is about to be a TON of boobage for you all to enjoy. That’s right, Reyna Mae and I are reuniting again for hot girl girl fun!

MAY 22-28!


We will of course be camming on my account at and on Reyna’s account! Be sure to sign up for free to see all of the action or join our sites! /!

We will be available for custom videos and scheduled skype shows as well. Email me at for more information!

Like huge natural tits? Then you should definitely be around for this boobfest. Save up $$$ and get that lube ready cause we will be waiting and ready to have fun with you all! πŸ˜‰

BigNaturalsHeaven-23 BigNaturalsHeaven-96

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New Content Coming! has been on the back burner lately as some may have seen (except current members are seeing the daily updates within the member’s section).
I have just been so swamped with school and maintaining my clip stores. Well why not add those videos to your site? you may ask. I separate what I add on my site and in my clips stores. My website is mostly vanilla while my clips stores are mostly fetish. However, my daily updates are my fetish clips that are being adding Mon-Fri so therefore there is essentially always new content. The way I do that is, all of my old clips, I am adding them one by one each day (Mon-Fri). I will continue doing that which will always allow for new content. Unless you happen to buy every single clip EVER FOREVER from my clips store lol.

BUT, I have a lot of unreleased content and a lot of hot ideas that I cannot wait to share with you all. With Exxxotica in Chicago and Fetish Con coming up this summer, there will be a lot shooting going on and A LOT of hot content for you all. πŸ˜‰

<3 Kristi Maxx


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Just Sharing…


Well some of you may have seen on twitter that my great grandmother has passed. I never really share my deep personal life with you all but I’m human, I can give in sometimes. She was 90 years old. Although most of my fam lives out of state, I spent SOOO much time with her when I was little. We flew down to them a few times a year for as long as I can remember thus I am VERY close with my great grandma. It has been a few years since I have last seen her. The night before she passed, I remember telling my boyfriend, “I’m going to go visit her this summer, it’s been too long.”

Then I got the news from my dad that next morning. I have never felt so shocked in my life. I know people passing away is part of life but I have not lost a grandparent in my lifetime until now. This is new, but expected. I am happy and grateful that she lived a long, fruitful life. I love her and already miss her dearly. <3

We are driving down to see fam Thursday morning with the funeral being on Saturday. I still cannot believe this has happened. It all seems too sudden. I know death is unexpected but I still cannot believe it..

Thank you everyone for all the support. I needed it. I never like to be the chick on twitter who sounds needy or seeking a pity party but seeing all the support from you all made me feel awesome. Yes I still have my support in my personal life but it is nice to see people who know me as Kristi Maxx genuinely care about me and my well-being. You all ROCK!

I still have both grandparents on my Dad’s side, grandma on Mom’s side and a 101 yr old great grandma on Mom’s side whom is still healthy as fuck :p She’s a feisty old lady πŸ˜‰ Gotta love her! <3

Not trying to sound all cheesy, but life is short, even when you live past your 80s. You never know when it’s your time or anyone’s time to go. Cherish the moments you have left with your friends and loved ones. We all know that, but it’s one thing to actually do it…

That’s all

Kristi M.


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My website has been redesigned! Go check it out!

As always, my website is updates multiple times per week, weekly members’ only shows every Monday at 5pm CST (unless rescheduled), access to all of my Streamate Gold Shows, cam archives, access to the entire VNA Live Network! 100s of videos and 1000s of photos for you all to enjoy!

Kristi M.


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Keeping Up The Grind

One month down in the year of 2015. My journey in this industry has been full of ups and downs but PLENTY of Ups and it is only getting better.

2014 was by far my most profitable year. I know as far as business talk, that gets boring so I will spare you majority of the technical details :p but there has been a lot going on!

-My site relaunched and I am running it independently
-I have launched my own network (Maxx Model Network, @MaxxModels on twitter. Currently have 5 sites that I have been working on! They will be launching soon. Of course I will make an announcement)
-Completing my own home studio when I move in April
-Been doing a lot of photography work
-And launching a new ebony site by 2016

Doing all of this while still in school is hard but I am determined to keep everything together! I keep majority of my business ideas to myself since a lot of people like to be copycats (petty to say, sorry not sorry lol) It’s mostly because I prefer to wait before I mention what I’m doing cause what if it doesn’t work out? Then I’ll look/feel stupid for even saying anything in the first place. A lot of thought is put into majority of the decisions I make when it comes to my brand.

Any who on to the fun shit! I will be traveling quite a bit this year, shooting more and more content with many sexy ladies. Miami being one trip for sure! And Chicago for Exxxotica! I would love to hear some of your scene ideas! (email I have a lot of content to release but of course like to stockpile. But who doesn’t enjoy making more smut? πŸ˜› I call it a pretty awesome bonus to play with sexy ladies on the regular.

To those who have been missing me on Streamate, don’t worry, I will be making more appearances soon! BUT be sure to catch Jalisa Elite and I Feb 5-9! We will be cam shows, shooting content, custom videos, and scheduled skype shows!! You definitely do not want to miss us reuniting again for some big titty fun :p Members of will see all of our streamate shows for FREE! Meaning as part of your subscription, you do NOT have to buy in to each show we do, you will automatically be bumped in! :)

Anyways guys, as always, I thank all of my fans/supporters for all the love and support. Without you all, this would not be possible! Thanks everyone. <3

Kristi Maxx


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! For today only, you can join for only 15.99! Normally 29.99 for the first 30 days.

My site is updated DAILY Mon-Fri!
-Members’ Shows EVERY Monday at 5pmCST
-Featured Updates Every Tuesday (mini updates Mon-Fri(
-Access to ALL of my Gold Shows on Streamate
-Access to ALL of the VNA ladies’s members’ shows (over 60 women)
-Private Blog (which includes video blogs)

Already 100s of videos and 1000s of Photos!

There is always something going :)

Take advantage of this deal! :)


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Lifetime Membership

From now til Dec. 31, I am offering lifetime memberships PLUS one custom video per month for a year.
Considering on average people choose the 10 minute custom option, customs start at $10/min, which is $120/custom. For 12 customs, that is $1440! The cost of my site is 29.99 then 24.99/month recurring.

I am offering lifetime membership PLUS one custom video/month for a year for only $500!

At first I was only going to offer this for one fan. Only because I wanted to get tickets to a PPV WWE event. Everyone who knows me knows I am a big WWE fan πŸ˜‰ But I figured why not make it a “thing” ha!

I never off things like this but why not end 2014 with a bang! :)

Go to to purchase a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!


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My Official Store

My store is officially open! Well it has been open for about a week :p but just wanting to make a big announcement.
Those of you who ask about skype shows, custom vids, panties and etc, you can now find everything in one place! All at

Or if you are feeling generous, you can also tip/donate any amount! :) Or you can be a sweetie and leave a 5 star rating and a nice comment :) which is free to do!

**Ladies if you want to open a store, just go to My Store and click on the banner on the left!

Kristi Maxx

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Website Special

From now through Tuesday, you can join for ONLY 12.99 for 30 days! Spend your Black Friday with yours truly!

-100+ Videos available for Download and Streaming
-2000+ Photos
-Weekly Member Shows
-Access to all of the member shows of the VNA Network (shows everyday)
-Access to all of my Streamate Gold Shows
-Updates every Mon-Fri.



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Relaunch! is officially accepting members again! My site is updated everyday Mon-Fri with featured updates on Tuesday and VNA Show archives every Friday. My exclusive member’s only shows are still every Monday at 5pm CST. As a member you will have access to all of my Gold shows on Streamate in the member’s area as well as 60+ hours weekly from all of the other sexy ladies in the VNA LIVE NETWORK!

Some of you are probably wonder why the relaunch? Well I was running my site by myself previously with the “help” of a webmaster. I did majority of the work anyways as I prefer to solely be my own boss so it was time for me to depart with my previous webmaster and become my own. The amount of work I did vs the webmaster was substantial. I prefer to get 100% vs 75% and have FULL control of what I can do. As a webmaster I feel that you should promote your girls, add features they suggest, and provide tech support when need be. My previous webmaster rarely did any of those. Β Since I did all of that anyway, I took it upon myself to just do it all. The $1000 fee to process major CC’s was a bitch but hey, I’ll take it considering I will make all of that back anyways and continue to profit off my site thus providing all of my fans with hot smut :) I have nothing against webmasters but I just wish I would have just saved the $1000 before deciding to get one. Well now I am 100% on my own and I LOVE IT! I have always been independent anyways.

I am excited to have my site back up and running accepting new members! :) Thank you all so much for all of the support.


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