Annoyed!!! >:(

I had a customer purchase my yahoo screename. I give people the option to buy my kik or yahoo usernames to chat sometimes. This specific guy has a certain fetish, a fetish I do not mind catering to. With having my kik or yahoo, I do not mind chatting sexy with you or acting out your fantasy or just simple chatting, it’s whatever. HOWEVER, if you bitch at me for not giving you my attention at every second of everyday then you are delusional.

This guy got upset because I could not respond to every single message every second after his. I will not go in to what his fantasy is as it’s his business but he thought that every convo has to be a completed fetish session. In reality all I do is offer my kik or yahoo for purchase which includes regular or sexual/fetish. It is not necessarily a session. If one cannot be rational enough to understand that I am not sitting on my phone or computer all day for a 8 hour long convo, then yo seriously need to just fuck off.


I recently took this page down from my blog because I am seriously contemplating on not offering my kik or yahoo due to the headache this one guy ensued. Those who have my usernames already have been great and can continue chatting but this has been bothering me for months. It has been an ongoing thing where I block him then unblock him.

If you cannot be grateful for what I have been giving you, which is extra attention than most, then I want nothing to do with you. It is not my responsibility to make sure you cum from every time we chat. The simply purchasing of my yahoo and kik just gives you some extra attention from me. I do do the sexual and fetish chat. I do send naughty pics to those who have my kik/yahoo but when you abuse the privilege, you get blocked. Insulting me by saying I “TOOK your money and ran with it” is insulting and untrue. In regards to this particular guy, he would message me at 3-4am MY TIME expecting a full on fetish session then get all butthurt like a little bitch when I told him I was asleep.

If you cannot understand that I have a life outside of the internet and sex work, then fuck off. SERIOUSLY FUCK OFF.

This post is not meant to be a bash towards everyone but more of an eye opener. I have no issue giving some special attention who paid for my time via yahoo or kik but abusing that will get you blocked. Accusing me of taking your money because of your own selfishness is a bitch move on your part. Don’t be delusional. I will drop you really quick. I don’t care how much money was spent on me in the past from you. You are not the end all be all, don’t talk to me like you are. You will easily be dropped.

To the guys who have been grateful and have a rational mindset, THANK YOU. All sex workers appreciate you! :)

Apologies for typos and grammatical errors. I wrote this on a whim and do not feel like proofreading :) This is my blog with MY THOUGHTS. :)

I will make it known when my yahoo and/or kik is available for purchase again. Thanks!


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My Bday is Soon!

Hey guys!
It’s that time of the year again when it is almost my birthday! I know it is early but of course I have to let you all know in advance :) I am Virgo Goddess born on September 6th, 1990 I will be turning 24! <3
Gifts are of course appreciated on this very special day.


Appreciation can be shown in many forms:

Amazon E-giftcards are appreciated as well to :)


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Celebrate Independence day with yours truly! :)

New update on, 4th of July themed video. Watch as I pour baby oil all over my voluptuous figure, tit play, glass dildo play ending in a few orgasms ;)

This is definitely a must see!

OVER 100 videos in my member’s section plus get access to 60+ live cam shows every week!

Kristi Maxx

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New Photo Set Update-

It has been a long time since I posted an update on my blog. I have been busy shooting a lot of content lately ;) You will definitely be satisfied with what I have in store for you all.
For now, here is my latest

GOD BLESS KRISTI MAXX ;) USA! USA! USA! Join to see this full photo set! (112 pics)



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Upcoming VNA Shows

Join to see today’s shows featuring

Monica Milf – 5pm EST
Vicky Vette- 6pm EST
Siri – 7pm EST
Mitsuko Doll – 9pm EST

Here are tomorrow’s Show, Monday April 21, 2014



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New Photo set Update featuring Selah Rain!


New mini clip added of me playing with ice on my nipples ;)


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Are you a member yet?!?

I think you should become a member of my site ;)
DAILY updates, live c2c shows EVERYDAY. Featured updates every Tuesday :)
Check out my preview video below. ;)


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Daily Updates on

As a member of my site you will get DAILY updates. My featured updates will still be EVERY Tuesday but you can always enjoy content everyday. I will have updates daily of my smaller fetish clips!
I doubt I will ever have a time where I will not be able to have a feature update but in case that time ever comes, you are assured of new content anyways!
Starting Friday Feb. 7, 2014, all of my VNA live cam archives will be uploaded for those who missed out on the live portion of the show.
Nonetheless being a member has it perks. You get access to over 50 different exclusive cam shows of other sexy ladies every week. (There are always multiple shows going on a day). And now you will get a new uploaded clip daily!


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Next Cam Show

Tomorrow’s cam show will be a baby oil show!! I do exclusive members’ only shows every Monday at 4pm EAST!
You get access to over 40 hours worth of cam shows featuring other ladies too for being a member of!

Don’t miss out on the baby oil fun in the show featuring yours truly. :)


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Banner Exchange!

Hey everyone! Anyone with a website want to trade banners, let me know! I have some banners below that you can use. :)
I will be adding a “Links” page to my blog very soon.

Email me Kristi if you’re interested!





(My Clips4Sale Store Banner)

(My Blog Banner)


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