Birthday Month Specials

My birthday is Sept. 6 thus making September my birthday month! For the rest of the month of September, I will be running a BDAY Month Special! Which includes: website access, skype shows and custom videos!

I am saving up amazon e-giftcards for studio equipment. All payments will be via Amazon E-giftcards to


$30 – Amazon E-giftcards: 30 days access to and 1 Custom Video (5-7 minutes) –$100 VALUE
$50 – Amazon E-giftcards: 60 days access to and 2 Custom Videos (5-7 minutes) $200 VALUE
$100- Amazon E-Giftcards
180 days access to and (ONE) 10 minute Skype Show OR 1 (10-12 minute) custom video $280 VALUE
$ 200 – Amazon E-giftcards :180 days access to, 2 (10-12 minutes) custom videos, (ONE) 10 minute Skype Show – $440 VALUE

Videos included: solo, boy girl, girl girl, fetish, orgies 🙂

There is a certain professional HD video camera that I would absolutely love. For $1000 Amazon E-giftcards, I will offer LIFETIME access to, ONE custom video per month for 12 months (10-15 minutes each) and (ONE) 10 minute Skype per month for 12 months! (Update Sept. 17, 2014: I GOT THE CAMERA! YAAY! The $1000 deal still stands! )
*Note, skype shows must be scheduled in advance to work around our schedules 🙂
$1000 is steep but look at the benefits!!! ($4000+ considering the lifetime membership!)

Videos are sent via WeTransfer for you to download/save and enjoy forever!

Type of Content

I do a variety of different things: jerk off instruction, teasing, homewrecker, giantess, femdom, financial domination, booty shaking, baby oil, foot fetish, ass worship, tit worship, masturbation, small penis humiliation, blackmail, dirty talk, anal (ONLY for large constributions). Just email me if you have a specific fetish you are into. I can do masturbation for the shorter videos but please keep note of the 5-7 minute time constraints. But there are options for the longer customs :p

Any questions? Just
Send Me An Email!


​Videos are for personal use only. Resale and/or distribution of any of the videos on any other websites or by any other means is prohibited. All videos are copywritten and property of Kristi Maxx.

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  1. Sean Felder says:

    Enjoy your birthday,when is your next magazine interveiw gonna drop?

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