Successful September

Thank you to everyone who participated in my September special. It really helped a lot with me business wise to purchase more items for content and photography.

I was able to get the
-Canon Vixia HF G20

-Green, White, and Black Muslin Backdrops

-Another 2TB portable external hard drive
And smaller things such as extra batteries and chargers for my video camera, my DSLR, etc

Thank you so much to all who contributed! I look forward to making new content with more advanced equipment and higher quality. My quality has always been pretty top notch 😉 but it does not hurt to upgrade. Especially in a career that is long term.

My clips store and my website are becoming my main source of income. That is how I would prefer it. I LOVE camming but I love focusing on my videos and expanding the type of content I produce, Fetish and Vanilla.

In addition to the successful September Special, I have also surpassed my highest month in clip sales at! I love all of my fans and thank you all for all of the support!

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