My Fetish Con 2015 Experience!

Well, more so my experience in St. Pete Beach! lol

I had a blast at Fetish Con!! Busy and fun. Jae and I decided to drive to St. Pete Beach as opposed to flying. 12 hours! I am NEVER doing that again. Well, never say never but I will try my hardest to not do that again. That is TOOOOOO LONG of a drive. Mainly because I had so much equipment to bring with me that I did not want to put it all on a plane. We literally brought EVERYTHING! Cameras, lighting, my cam clothes, regular clothes, and even a suitcase for just shoes! I don’t wear heels ever but they look good for shoots and stuff ha. I do admit, I do not pack light wherever I go lol. Plus we were there for a full week!

We were initially going to stay in a hotel then realized since we were going for a full week, we’d rather rent a condo. Plus it came out to be cheaper and it was an upgrade!!! It was cute 2 bedroom, 2 bath spot. I loved it and do intend on coming back or going back through the company we booked through!






Where shall I start! Well for the first few days, we were BUSY BUSY BUSY! We shot content a good 95% of the time Fri-Sunday. We wanted to make sure to leave the last few days of the trip to ourselves to relax and enjoy vacation from home.

I got to meet some lovely ladies as well shoot with others again! I love meeting new people and I love shooting content for you all.


I got to shoot with the lovely Leilani Lei again. It is always such a joy to work with her and she is so sexy! I definitely can’t wait til we shoot again. 🙂

leilani kristi

I finally go to shoot with Maria Moore. I was super nervous meeting her, but then again I am nervous to meet anyone I have been crushing and perving online for a while but she was such a DOLL! I really hope we will link up again! We did a bunch of fetish, titty oriented clips along with Sam 38G and of course my babe Jalisa Elite.


Saturday we had to time to actually visit the convention. I was too excited that I barely got any photos. I know, I suck. This was my first time ever at Fetish Con so I was soaking it all in. I got to meet a bunch of people and it definitely made me excited for next year. Next year, I want to really network hard and not book so many shoots at once. I did kind of over do it with scheduling but the more the merrier right?

I finally got to meet Kimmie Kaboom whom I have also been perving on forever and her and I got to shoot some fetish clips. We plan on meeting up again pretty soon for more vids! Kimmie and Darrell (her hubby) are a trip. We were cutting up and laughing the whole time. They are amazing people. Very professional yet know how to have fun! 🙂


I got to meet fellow big titty chica Trinety Guess. I need her boobs back in my face ASAP. Did I mention that I really love boobs? No like REALLY love tits. I have a fetish for them. No it is not the natural fondness for boobs but it is a FETISH for me and her boobs are nice. I want them back in my face.


I also got to meet with Jinx NW!!! Jalisa, Jinx and myself all in one video? Do you know how much boobage that is? An insane amount!! 50lbs of boobs? Maybe? Just a lot of boobs!!




OMG GAH! I finally got to meet Sydney Screams! I had a huge girl-gasm. I have been admiring her for as long as I can remember. I admire her hustle and she is just so darn cute and sexy! And she is such a sweetheart. I am soooooooo happy I finally got to meet her. We did not get to shoot much but you guys will love what we have in store for you! I do plan on moving to Florida next year so of course we will shoot more. Hell, even if I don’t I am still going to work with this sexy lady again! Gosh I was so nervous to meet her! :p



Another lovely lady that I have been dying to work with was Rose Black! She is goofy as I don’t know what and friggin awesome. We live super close to each other too which calls for more content with her. Plus I just wanna hang out with her too. We live too close to not have worked with each other yet. Shame on us! :p

rose kristi

AND OMG! I finally go to meet Vicky Vette, the VNA queen herself. She invited Jae and I over to her house for dinner with her and friends. Sexy friends including, Cleo, Lylah Ryder, Samantha Grace and Miss Aaliyah! We didn’t shoot anything, just chilled, relaxed, chatted. Still an awesome gesture of Vicky to invite us to her home!


kristi vicky



I feel like I am missing something. So much happened. So many memories. I am definitely excited about going back next year. Maybe by this time next year I will already be residing in Florida. We will see 🙂

Stay tuned for all the content! They will be on and/or!


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