Finally Have Snapchat

(*This was originally posted months ago. I had to repost due to losing a lot of blog posts with some techy issues. 🙁 I have been using snapchat for months now.*)

So I gave in and got snapchat! I thought I’d never get into it but I love it. Want my snapchat? Purchase it from my Store.

I only have a few rules:

NO SCREENSHOTS! If you do screenshot, you will be blocked, no exceptions.
No unsolicited dick pics. Am I against dick pics? ONLY when they are sent without me wanting it. Trust me, I have asked to see. My curiosity will peak. 😉 And I have had the pleasure of viewing a few especially when they say I caused it, hehe. But unsolicited? No thanks.

Let’s keep it fun! 🙂

Visit my official store to purchase!


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