2015 in a Nutshell!

Seems that every year I talk about how last year was my most successful year. Well I can definitely say that again about 2015.

happy new years 2015-41
I completed my BIGGEST goal by FINALLY graduating college and getting my Bachelor’s!!!! It has been a long time coming but I did it. I graduated HS in 2008 so as far as a traditional path, I should have graduated in 2012 right? Well I was actually on the path to graduate in 2011!! BUT things happen, things change. I started in the adult biz in 2011 and everything blew up for me in a good way thus rethinking what I really want to pursue. Did I wake up and say I wanted to be successful in adult entertainment? No!! At the time, I had a more conventional mindset and wanted to follow a conventional career. Well I learned that conventional is not the end all be all. So what I wanted to continue my career in an unconventional field. With what I have learned over the years of being in this business is that there can be long term success and I genuinely love everything about this biz. With that being said, I took a long break from school (for other reasons than adult but it allowed me to focus more on adult ent) then finally graduated in December of 2015. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED as far as school is concerned.

Another thing I accomplished was my network, Maxx Model Network. I had been working on my webmaster gig for A LONG time now and it is finally paying off and growing each and everyday. I love life in front and behind the camera as well. I like to call myself an all-around adult entertainer with camming, making content, and now being a webmaster!

My business is growing everyday and it feels amazing to have accomplished so much in so little time and I am no where near done yet!

Here’s to an amazing 2016 filled with much more hot content and anything else amazing ha :p

happy new years 2015-54

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