My Official Store

My store is officially open! Well it has been open for about a week :p but just wanting to make a big announcement.
Those of you who ask about skype shows, custom vids, panties and etc, you can now find everything in one place! All at

Or if you are feeling generous, you can also tip/donate any amount! πŸ™‚ Or you can be a sweetie and leave a 5 star rating and a nice comment πŸ™‚ which is free to do!

**Ladies if you want to open a store, just go to My Store and click on the banner on the left!

Kristi Maxx

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Website Special

From now through Tuesday, you can join for ONLY 12.99 for 30 days! Spend your Black Friday with yours truly!

-100+ Videos available for Download and Streaming
-2000+ Photos
-Weekly Member Shows
-Access to all of the member shows of the VNA Network (shows everyday)
-Access to all of my Streamate Gold Shows
-Updates every Mon-Fri.



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Relaunch! is officially accepting members again! My site is updated everyday Mon-Fri with featured updates on Tuesday and VNA Show archives every Friday. My exclusive member’s only shows are still every Monday at 5pm CST. As a member you will have access to all of my Gold shows on Streamate in the member’s area as well as 60+ hours weekly from all of the other sexy ladies in the VNA LIVE NETWORK!

Some of you are probably wonder why the relaunch? Well I was running my site by myself previously with the “help” of a webmaster. I did majority of the work anyways as I prefer to solely be my own boss so it was time for me to depart with my previous webmaster and become my own. The amount of work I did vs the webmaster was substantial. I prefer to get 100% vs 75% and have FULL control of what I can do. As a webmaster I feel that you should promote your girls, add features they suggest, and provide tech support when need be. My previous webmaster rarely did any of those. Β Since I did all of that anyway, I took it upon myself to just do it all. The $1000 fee to process major CC’s was a bitch but hey, I’ll take it considering I will make all of that back anyways and continue to profit off my site thus providing all of my fans with hot smut πŸ™‚ I have nothing against webmasters but I just wish I would have just saved the $1000 before deciding to get one. Well now I am 100% on my own and I LOVE IT! I have always been independent anyways.

I am excited to have my site back up and running accepting new members! πŸ™‚ Thank you all so much for all of the support.


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Back at it with Jessie Minx

My camming boothang Jessie Minx and I will be back at it Oct 15th!


We will be available for custom videos and skype shows! Email me at

We will also be camming at


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Camming With Jalisa Elite

Hey everyone! I will be camming with the sexy, busty, ebony, Goddess Jalisa Elite Oct. 9-12! This will be our first time meeting/working together. I am SOOOOOO excited to meet her. We have been twitter girlfriends for a while and we are finally going to work together. Jalisa has huge natural tits, BIGGER than mine! I cannot wait to get my hands on them πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›


We will be available for custom videos and cam shows via skype or at We will be shooting a lot of content anyways so get your custom video orders in as soon as possible! Email me at if you are interested in purchasing a show or custom video(s).


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Successful September

Thank you to everyone who participated in my September special. It really helped a lot with me business wise to purchase more items for content and photography.

I was able to get the
-Canon Vixia HF G20

-Green, White, and Black Muslin Backdrops

-Another 2TB portable external hard drive
And smaller things such as extra batteries and chargers for my video camera, my DSLR, etc

Thank you so much to all who contributed! I look forward to making new content with more advanced equipment and higher quality. My quality has always been pretty top notch πŸ˜‰ but it does not hurt to upgrade. Especially in a career that is long term.

My clips store and my website are becoming my main source of income. That is how I would prefer it. I LOVE camming but I love focusing on my videos and expanding the type of content I produce, Fetish and Vanilla.

In addition to the successful September Special, I have also surpassed my highest month in clip sales at! I love all of my fans and thank you all for all of the support!

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Round 2! Freeones Most Underrated!

Thank you to all the fans and supporters!

Vote for me daily by CLICKING HERE! You can vote every 24 hours. Make a free account at Freeones and your votes will weigh more. I would love to stay in the top 10 to move on to Round 3 on Sept. 22, 2014!

I appreciate you all for all the support!!

Kristi Maxx

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Vote For Me!

Hey guys! So I never really push for votes for anything when I am nominated for something (except once for The Fannys lol) but I really like to try the FreeOnes contest! I am nominated for Most Underrated! I would LOVE it if you guys could do me a favor by voting for me daily! Voting ends September 11 for the first round.

If you make an account, votes count more! Please vote for me!

Click Here To See My Freeones Profile and vote for Most Underrated. I would also appreciate it if you left 5 stars and a comment.


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Birthday Month Specials

My birthday is Sept. 6 thus making September my birthday month! For the rest of the month of September, I will be running a BDAY Month Special! Which includes: website access, skype shows and custom videos!

I am saving up amazon e-giftcards for studio equipment. All payments will be via Amazon E-giftcards to


$30 – Amazon E-giftcards: 30 days access to and 1 Custom Video (5-7 minutes) –$100 VALUE
$50 – Amazon E-giftcards: 60 days access to and 2 Custom Videos (5-7 minutes) $200 VALUE
$100- Amazon E-Giftcards
180 days access to and (ONE) 10 minute Skype Show OR 1 (10-12 minute) custom videoΒ $280 VALUE
$ 200 – Amazon E-giftcards :180 days access to, 2 (10-12 minutes) custom videos, (ONE) 10 minute Skype Show – $440 VALUE

Videos included: solo, boy girl, girl girl, fetish, orgies πŸ™‚

There is a certain professional HD video camera that I would absolutely love. For $1000 Amazon E-giftcards, I will offer LIFETIME access to, ONE custom video per month for 12 months (10-15 minutes each) and (ONE) 10 minute Skype per month for 12 months! (Update Sept. 17, 2014: I GOT THE CAMERA! YAAY! The $1000 deal still stands! )
*Note, skype shows must be scheduled in advance to work around our schedules πŸ™‚
$1000 is steep but look at the benefits!!! ($4000+ considering the lifetime membership!)

Videos are sent via WeTransfer for you to download/save and enjoy forever!

Type of Content

I do a variety of different things: jerk off instruction, teasing, homewrecker, giantess, femdom, financial domination, booty shaking, baby oil, foot fetish, ass worship, tit worship, masturbation, small penis humiliation, blackmail, dirty talk, anal (ONLY for large constributions). Just email me if you have a specific fetish you are into. I can do masturbation for the shorter videos but please keep note of the 5-7 minute time constraints. But there are options for the longer customs :p

Any questions? Just
Send Me An Email!


​Videos are for personal use only. Resale and/or distribution of any of the videos on any other websites or by any other means is prohibited. All videos are copywritten and property of Kristi Maxx.

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Annoyed!!! >:(

I had a customer purchase my yahoo screename. I give people the option to buy my kik or yahoo usernames to chat sometimes. This specific guy has a certain fetish, a fetish I do not mind catering to. With having my kik or yahoo, I do not mind chatting sexy with you or acting out your fantasy or just simple chatting, it’s whatever. HOWEVER, if you bitch at me for not giving you my attention at every second of everyday then you are delusional.

This guy got upset because I could not respond to every single message every second after his. I will not go in to what his fantasy is as it’s his business but he thought that every convo has to be a completed fetish session. In reality all I do is offer my kik or yahoo for purchase which includes regular or sexual/fetish. It is not necessarily a session. If one cannot be rational enough to understand that I am not sitting on my phone or computer all day for a 8 hour long convo, then yo seriously need to just fuck off.


I recently took this page down from my blog because I am seriously contemplating on not offering my kik or yahoo due to the headache this one guy ensued. Those who have my usernames already have been great and can continue chatting but this has been bothering me for months. It has been an ongoing thing where I block him then unblock him.

If you cannot be grateful for what I have been giving you, which is extra attention than most, then I want nothing to do with you. It is not my responsibility to make sure you cum from every time we chat. The simply purchasing of my yahoo and kik just gives you some extra attention from me. I do do the sexual and fetish chat. I do send naughty pics to those who have my kik/yahoo but when you abuse the privilege, you get blocked. Insulting me by saying I “TOOK your money and ran with it” is insulting and untrue. In regards to this particular guy, he would message me at 3-4am MY TIME expecting a full on fetish session then get all butthurt like a little bitch when I told him I was asleep.

If you cannot understand that I have a life outside of the internet and sex work, then fuck off. SERIOUSLY FUCK OFF.

This post is not meant to be a bash towards everyone but more of an eye opener. I have no issue giving some special attention who paid for my time via yahoo or kik but abusing that will get you blocked. Accusing me of taking your money because of your own selfishness is a bitch move on your part. Don’t be delusional. I will drop you really quick. I don’t care how much money was spent on me in the past from you. You are not the end all be all, don’t talk to me like you are. You will easily be dropped.

To the guys who have been grateful and have a rational mindset, THANK YOU. All sex workers appreciate you! πŸ™‚

Apologies for typos and grammatical errors. I wrote this on a whim and do not feel like proofreading πŸ™‚ This is my blog with MY THOUGHTS. πŸ™‚

I will make it known when my yahoo and/or kik is available for purchase again. Thanks!


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